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21  DAYS

  January 20 - February 09 





In our Church we believe that there is no better way to start the year than in the presence of the Lord.


Therefore, we dedicate 21 days of Fasting, Prayer and surrender; But...


What is fasting?


Fasting is giving up eating food or setting aside for a certain time, something we do daily, with a spiritual purpose: to seek God's presence through praise, prayer and reading the Word.


Fasting, prayer and surrender prepare us to face the different adversities that may arise during the year we begin. We do not wait for an emergency to begin the search.


We encourage you to do it from Monday, January 20 until Sunday, February 9, with one of the four options that we suggest below.


Consuming only what the land produces (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.). You can consume a protein (egg or tuna), you should only choose one of the two.


Stopping eating one of the meals of the day, either:


  1. Breakfast

  2. lunch

  3. Dinner


Stopping eating a food, preferably the one you like, for example: Coffee, Meat, etc.


This fast is perfect for those who have any medical condition.


Leaving Entertainment as:


Social Networks, television, cinema, videogames, etc.



In any of the ways you choose, you should avoid consuming soda, candy, chocolate or fast food of any kind (hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, tacos, etc.).


And do not forget to dedicate daily time to approach the presence of the Lord in Praise and Prayer.


We hope these 21 days of fasting, prayer and devotion. Become a bridge to a fresh new anointing.

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